Saint Joseph’s Battalion praying for Fr. Leatherby

Saint Joseph’s Battalion is placing Fr. Jeremy Leatherby under the mantle of Our Lady of Good Success.
See video #010 – The persecution of Father Jeremy Leatherby –

The Battalion has created a special message for other US bishops – See video #11 –


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Catholics lash out at church leaders with their wallets (you can too!)

Catholics lash out at church leaders with their wallets

( You can too!…) For your convenience, this PDF is printable with the following useful text:
This donation is not part of the normal Sunday collection subject to cathedraticum (taxation by the diocese). The pastor is authorized to deposit this check into any parish-specific account that is not subject to cathedraticum. If no such account exists then this check must be voided.


Also, for those in the Diocese of Sacramento, here is a PDF to “red-card” that diocese in support of Fr. Leatherby.  [  Fr_Leatherby_Red_Card  ]

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Vigil continues at Sacramento Cathedral

Monday through Friday 11 AM until noon, the vigil continues……

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Father Leatherby petition delivered

2018-09-21  –  Sacramento Catholics today sent Bishop Jaime Soto a letter with over 900 signatures requesting the return of Father Jeremy Leatherby to active ministry.  Please see the press release on the OVD Publishing page.

Updated 2018-09-30 – Please also see Message to Canonical Panel considering case of Fr. Leatherby

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OVD Community-Generated Links List

This Post is for OVD Chapter admins to share web links to relevant articles and videos  within the comments section.

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