Father Leatherby petition delivered

2018-09-21  –  Sacramento Catholics today sent Bishop Jaime Soto a letter with over 900 signatures requesting the return of Father Jeremy Leatherby to active ministry.  Please see the press release on the OVD Publishing page.

Updated 2018-09-30 – Please also see Message to Canonical Panel considering case of Fr. Leatherby

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2 Responses to Father Leatherby petition delivered

  1. OVD Administrator says:

    For laity who do not know Fr. Leatherby personally, this post about an Exposition of The Blessed Sacrament on Thursday, October 30, 2014 outside of an abortion clinic (that closed soon after) will give you an idea of who Father Jeremy Leatherby is.

  2. OVD Administrator says:

    Reached 1,000 signatures! Set to “Declare Victory” and opened new petition with Celeste V. Spitz’ letter.

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