About Us

Our Voice in the Diocese as a lay apostolate is following the understanding given to us by the Holy Spirit to shine light into the darkest corners of the Catholic Church.

We have accepted the mission to work under the mantle of the Queen of Heaven.  We will utilize the gifts and talents that God has bestowed on us to battle evil and to promote good within His Son’s Church.

We implement our mission by:

  1. Praying for guidance.
  2. Praying for victims.
  3. Praying for good and holy servants of the Church.
  4. Providing tools to establish and promote communication between faithful Catholics.
  5. Promoting news coverage of the ongoing scandals in the Catholic Church that get lost or buried in secular media.
  6. Enabling witnesses who are seeking corroboration of immoral as well as possible criminal activity within the Church to share information anonymously.