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OVD Sacramento Chapter announces that the petition for Father Leatherby was sent to Bishop Soto on September 21, 2018.  See the OVD Publishing page for the related press release.

OVD Sacramento Chapter is seeking a copy of the letter that was read at Presentation Parish on Palm Sunday 2016 in which the Diocese said that Fr. Leatherby was being removed for illness.  If you have the letter, please e-mail to ovds@sacto.com

OVD Sacramento Chapter is seeking testimony from anyone who was told by an employee of the Diocese any information that would be contradictory to the statement made by Fr. Mark R. Richards in a letter to all priests dated 8/31/18, in which the Diocese states:

In the interest of protecting the privacy of accusers, the presumed innocence of those accused, and the integrity of the process, we do not comment on the specifics of a particular case while the process is on-going.

If you are willing to share your testimony openly please send e-mail to ovds@sacto.com  You may also submit testimony anonymously through the Survey Monkey link on our Contact Us page.


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  1. ovds says:

    Jesuits release names of 11 priests accused of abuse in Sacramento area

  2. OVD Administrator says:

    CA Bishop Accused of Punishing Good Priests – Soto (Sacramento) (8/9/2018)

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